Salary in a Car Manufacturer Like Hyundai 2024

hyundai salary

Salary in a car manufacturer like hyundai

Hello everyone! Meet with us again for all information about jobs, including salary information, company information, and job vacancy information. Companies that have a good reputation and name will be the target of job seekers. Large companies will prioritize the welfare of their employees.

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Salary is often the main reason for someone to register for work at a company. Before registering for a job, it is better to know the information and salary amount at the company you want to go to. We will discuss a company called Hyundai. Let’s discuss together how much the salary at Hyundai in South Korea will be in 2024.

1. About Hyundai Factory and Cars in Korea

Hyundai Motor Company, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, operates the world’s largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan, which is capable of producing 1.6 million units annually. The company is known for its innovative and quality vehicles, ranging from sedans like the Sonata to SUVs like the Santa Fe.

2. Factory Address

The main Hyundai factory is located at:
Address : Hyundai Motor Company Ulsan Plant, 1000 Hyundai-ro, Bangeojinsunhwan-doro, Dong-gu, Ulsan, South Korea.

You can use Google Maps to make it easier to get to your destination. The method is as follows:
If you use a cellphone,.
Open the Google Maps application on your cellphone.
Type your destination, for example: Hyundai office.
Then you will be shown the location of the Hyundai office.
Next, click the “Route” menu to follow the directions using Google Maps.

3. Factory Contact

For inquiries, you can contact:
– Phone : +82-2-3464-1114
– Email : [email protected]

You can also search for it on Google by typing in a search with the keyword “Contact Hyundai” Then you will be presented with Hyundai contact information.

4. Hyundai Salary

  • Executives : The annual salary for Hyundai Motor Co. executives with nine to ten years of service is expected to exceed $76,000 this year. This includes a basic monthly pay increase of 108,000 won, a 300% bonus, an additional 5.5 million won, and 20 Hyundai Motor shares (worth about 3.6 million won) as part of this year’s total compensation. The deal will be finalized after unionized workers vote on it.
  • Assistant Managers: Assistant managers during their first year can expect a salary of approximately $81,000 before tax.
  • New Hires : New hires will receive a salary of around $72,000 before tax.

    Please note that these figures can vary based on experience, position, and other factors. The average annual salary per employee at Hyundai Motor Company was 96 million won last year, which included a basic monthly pay increase of 75,000 won, a 200% bonus, a lump sum payment of 5.8 million won, and five shares. As performance-related pay has increased, overall employee wages are expected to rise this year. Hyundai Motor also provided additional motivation by paying 4 million won to all employees in March amid the pandemic situation.

5. Hyundai Jobs Vacancy 2024

To find out about job openings at Hyundai, you can search via Jobstreet or via the following website:

Apart from Hyundai jobs vacancy, there are also other lockers, which you can find on the website

6. Conclusion

That is complete information about Hyundai, including company profile, salary information, office address, contact information, and job vacancy information. All of this information is very important if you are looking for work or just want to know more about this company. Make sure to always check for the latest information before making a decision. Hopefully, this article is useful for you!