How to Use GPT Chat on Android to Write and Create Images

How to Use GPT Chat on Android to Write and Create Images

GPT chat is the latest technology that is very useful for society. But there are still many who don’t know how to use it or its functions. GPT chat has now reached GPT chat version 4.
Get to know GPT Chat.

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GPT Chat is an AI bot technology that can be used via text commands. GPT chat can be used to create articles and images. Why can Chat GPT do all that? Chat GPR actually takes data from everything on the internet and concludes it according to the keywords given by the user via text.
For example, if you write “draw a laptop with a blue background and say my best laptop,” then GPT chat will take a picture of the laptop on the internet and combine it with a blue background. Apart from that, there is also the word “my best laptop” in the picture.

If there is no information on the internet about what you want to make, then GPT Chat cannot make it either. Example: depict Luffy in gear 7, even though, until now, Luffy in the One Piece series has only reached gear 5. So Chat GPT can’t make it, or maybe it doesn’t match what we’re looking for.

How to use GPT Chat on Android

– Download “Bing” on the Play Store.
– Prepare your Microsoft account if you don’t have one yet.
– The initial appearance is like this.

– After that, you select the middle button.

– Turn on Chat GPT 4 by pressing the button.
– Write something in the chat column.

– Then it will automatically display what you want to create.

Bing is a GPT-4 chat application that can be used on Android. Actually, there are many more GPT chat applications that can be used, such as Alisu, Aico, and Chat On. We recommend Bing because it is free and easy to use.
Thank you for reading this article; hopefully it is useful. Before you decide something, it’s better for you to get more information.