How to see the specifications and brand of our laptop with pictures

view computer spesification

How to see the specifications and brand of our laptop with pictures

Hello, Aspherica Technology friends, We will discuss how to look at the specifications of our laptop, starting with the brand, RAM, VGA, and processor. When we buy a new laptop, we will know what laptop we are using and its specifications. Because usually it is explained by the shop when we buy it.

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But what if we didn’t buy the laptop, or if it is a laptop belonging to the company where we work? Even though laptop specifications are very important to know before we use them, Like how much RAM and VGA are used when we know that we can run programs or applications that match our laptop specifications.

Let’s discuss how to see laptop specifications:


Find out the specifications of our laptop, starting with RAM, VGA, processor, and laptop name.

How to solve it:

Actually, there are several ways to find out laptop specifications, from manuals to using online or offline software. But what we are discussing now is manually, without the hassle of installing software.

1. Using DXDIAG

Steps by steps :

– Turn on the laptop first.
– Click Start at the bottom left.

computer spesification
– Write “dxdiag” without quotation marks.
– Press Enter on the keyboard.
– If a dialog box appears, just select “Yes.”.
– Then the specifications of our laptop will appear.

2. Using the System About Information

Steps by steps :

– Turn on your laptop.
– Click Start

– Select Settings with the gear icon.
– Select system

– After that, scroll down.
– Select about

– Then information about your laptop will be displayed.

Knowing the laptop specifications can be used before you install new software to find out whether the software you are installing is compatible with your laptop or not. You can also use it to find out whether the Windows you are using is 32-bit or 64-bit. Can be used to upgrade your laptop’s specifications, starting with RAM and HDD or SSD. Please increase your information before you decide anything.