Free Resume Template vol 10 Format psd and docs

free resume template vol 10 orange

Free Resume Template vol 10 Format psd and docs

Hello everyone, meet Aspherica friends. Still related to the world of work, in the world of work there are several things to pay attention to, such as job vacancy information and salary information. The least important of these two things is the Curriculum Vitae or CV.


Curriculum Vitae is one of the requirements when registering for work. In the curriculum vitae there is a summary of our background starting from recent photos, educational background, work experience, skills, hobbies and others.

In general, a CV is the main thing that job recipients will pay attention to, because the CV information is very complete and clear. An interesting CV will be selected by the job recipient and will then be processed to the next stage. Imagine if there were 1000 job applicants, would the job recipient read 1 by 1 of the applications given? Of course not, I, who is experienced as a job recipient, will select the CV first. I will separate the interesting CV and the less interesting ones I will separate separately.

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To create a curriculum vitae, it requires experience and design skills so that it is correct in choosing colors and looks attractive. If you don’t have one, we provide a free curriculum vitae template that you can use. The templates we provide are in Photoshop (.PSD) and Microsoft Word (.doc) formats.

How to Make an Attractive Curriculum Vitae

  1. Prepare your personal information, from education to work experience.
    2. Prepare the latest photos with the best quality.
    3. Choose attractive colors; avoid black backgrounds.
    4. Create a CV design that suits your character.
    Example: If you are an accountant, then use graphs.
    If you are an IT person, use images related to technology.
    5. Make all information clearly visible and easy to read.
    You can download a free curriculum vitae template here, which can be used for fresh graduates and everyone.

How to use free templates:

1. Download the template file.
2. Prepare Adobe Photoshop.
3. Open the.psd file that you downloaded in Photoshop.
4. Drag the photo into Photoshop.
5. Place the photo on the bottom layer (below the template).
6. Adjust the photo size to the available frame.
7. Try to make attractive photos like the available designs.
8. Change all the text according to yourself by clicking the “T” tool in Photoshop.
9. Click on the text you want to change.
10. Select File -> Save as -> select.jpg format
11. Done

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That’s all the information and free CV templates from us. Before you decide on something, it’s better to do research and get more information. Aspherica is very proud if you are accepted to work using our template. If anyone has difficulty using it, write a comment, and we will help.