6 Recommendes Website Provider Free Online CV and Resume 2024

website cv and resume online

6 Recommendes Website Provider Free Online CV and Resume 2024

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, and a resume is one of the mandatory requirements for applying for a job. A summary of work experience, educational history, skills possessed, and a graduate’s profile can be seen in the CV. Meanwhile, other requirements include proof and support for what is written on the CV and resume.

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But not everyone can make an attractive CV. With the help of an online CV and resume maker, it might make the process of creating it easier for people. Because in general, it only fills in personal and other data without creating a design template. Design templates have been created automatically by online CV and resume providers.
Here are some online CV and resume maker websites that can help you create a professional CV:

  1. Novorésumé:

– Novorésumé offers a variety of templates designed to best present your skills and work experience.
– Novorésumé templates support resume screening software (ATS), so you can bypass the automated screening process.
– The content optimizer feature provides quality suggestions for each section of your CV.

  1. Zety:

– Zety offers a variety of templates that are attractive and easy to follow.
– Builder Zety has a guide that helps you through the CV creation process.
– You can also create a cover letter with existing sentences.
– Zety uses AI for keyword optimization to suit applicant tracking systems (ATS).

  1. MyPerfectResume:

– MyPerfectResume has a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use features.
– They offer a variety of modern and innovative templates.
– suitable for those who want to create a CV that stands out.

  1. EnhanCV:

– EnhanCV offers modern and innovative CV designs.
– You can customize the template according to your needs.

  1. Resume Genius:

– Resume Genius uses AI for content improvement suggestions.
– They offer a variety of customizable templates.

  1. Resume.io:

– Resume.io has a variety of customizable templates.
– You can choose a design that suits your style and needs.

Make sure to choose a platform that suits your preferences and your CV needs. Make a CV with a simple design and attractive colors. CVs are the main concern for selecting job applicants, so make your CV as attractive as possible, especially in the design and photo of yourself.